Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lace scallop for pineapple doily - part 5

 Now to finish the scallop.

Seventh and last row:
Turn. Skip 1st ch-6 space. * ch 6, sc 1 in next ch-6 sp* 12 times. ch 3.
For the first scallop, break yarn, leaving enough yarn to work an sc. Otherwise, sc 1 in next ch-6 sp (in adjoining scallop). Break yarn and weave in end.

After finishing all but the first scallop, finish the first scallop by working a sc in the adjacent ch-6 sp.  Break yarn and weave in end. 

Here's the finished doily.

pineapple doily

Start next scallop 5 ch-5 spaces from the right edge of the last one. The scallops are worked in a clockwise order. The second pic in the first pineapple doily post shows the spacing.

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