Thursday, March 17, 2011

lace scallop for pineapple doily - part 1

I hadn't crocheted lace doilies for ages -- until this month's NerdWars on Ravelry. One of the challenges was to finish a project started by someone else.

I chose my MIL -- who passed away almost 2 decades ago -- and left me with yarn, crochet thread, steel crochet hooks, and booklets.

For the NerdWars challenge, I picked a pineapple pattern doily from one of her books. I used her crochet thread (size 30) and a size 10 (1.5mm) steel crochet hook.

The inner rows of the doily aren't anything special...

But, the scalloped edging is. It transforms what otherwise would be just a plain doily into something exciting.

The last of the inner rows is: * 1 sc in center of ch-3 sp, ch 5 * around. Join.

In order to start the first scallop without the need to fasten off the thread, I ended the row by replacing the last ch 5 with "ch 3, dc in first sc of round".

The first pic show this last "ch-5 sp" plus the beginning of the scallop, a sc into the chain space:

pineapple lace doily

First row of the scallop:
sc in ch-5 sp, * ch 1, dc 1 * 12 times in next ch-5 sp, ch 1, sc 1 in next ch-5 sp, ch 5, sc 1 in next ch-5 sp.

This forms a basic scallop -- plus something extra: ch 5, sc 1. These sts form the beginning of the lace part of the scallop. The second pic shows the entire row plus part of a finished scallop.

pineapple lace doily

Many scallop patterns would have this basic scallop (or a similar one) repeated around the edge:
sc in ch-5 sp, * ch 1, dc 1 * 12 times in next ch-5 sp, ch 1. Repeat to end (starting with a sc in next ch-5 sp). Join to first sc of row.

This pattern doesn't. Each scallop is worked separately. The second row of the scallop is detailed in the next post.

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